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Tips for Mini-Split Installation Success

By Jonathan Mccrary August 19, 2023 0 comments

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Mini-split systems are known for being far easier to install than their ducted counterparts. Unlike ducted systems, their installation process is minimally invasive, typically only requiring a small three-inch hole in the wall. Due to their relatively simple installation process, they can often be installed in as little as a few hours (depending on the size of the system), rather than several weeks. However, installing your mini-split system does require some planning and prep-work for it to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Here are some helpful tips for mini-split installation success.

Choose a location that can support your system’s weight

One of the most important tips for mini-split installation success is to choose to install your system in an area that is sturdy enough to support its weight. Indoor mini-split units are relatively lightweight, often weighing between 30 to 50 pounds, depending on the size of the unit. To avoid damaging your wall or ceiling and to prevent excessive system vibration, choose a location that is solid enough to support the weight of your system.

The outdoor component of a mini-split system is significantly heavier than the interior component. Often, mini-split outdoor units weigh between 80 and 250 pounds. Because of their large weight, homeowners should avoid placing them on soft ground, which can shift and disrupt the system’s connections. Instead, consider placing the unit on a level concrete pad that will easily support the weight of your unit long term.

Install your indoor unit away from obstructions

Choosing the location of your interior unit can be a bit of a challenge. While many homeowners may consider positioning the system behind furniture or other obstructions to make it appear less conspicuous, doing so isn’t ideal from an efficiency standpoint.

By placing a mini-split system behind an obstruction, its ability to effectively heat, cool, or ventilate a space is impeded. As such, you should choose to install your system in a location that is at least one meter from any obstructions to ensure that temperature-controlled air can flow freely throughout the space.

Choose an area that doesn’t experience temperature fluctuations

Mini-split systems are equipped with inverter technology, which can help increase the comfort level of the space as well as the efficiency of the system when installed properly. Unlike traditional temperature-control systems, the inverter technology in mini-split units allows them to alter the amount of hot or cold air that they emit by sensing the temperature in the room. Doing so allows them to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature without expending any more energy than is necessary.

Because mini-split systems alter their settings based on the temperature in the room, it is important not to install the system in an area that experiences large or frequent temperature fluctuations. For example, placing your mini-split in an area that receives direct sunlight could cause the sensor to pick up on temperatures that are higher than the rest of the room.

As a result, the system may cool the area by using more power than is actually necessary, which wastes energy and creates a less comfortable environment. Other areas that may experience more significant temperature fluctuations include those that are adjacent to doors or windows, close to heated appliances such as stoves, or close to air vents. Ideally, the mini-split system should be installed in a shaded location away from other appliances and closer to the center of one’s home for optimal temperature readings.

Ensure the installation site is free from electromagnetic interference

In addition to choosing to install the mini-split system away from areas that experience temperature fluctuations, you should also opt for an area that is free from electromagnetic interference.

Examples of areas in a home that typically receive a lot of electromagnetic interference include next to microwaves, televisions, Bluetooth speakers, cordless telephones, computers, sensors, or near other devices that emit electromagnetic signals. If a mini-split system is placed in one of these areas, the electromagnetic interference could prevent it from operating properly and impede its effectiveness. Installing the mini-split system one meter or more away from such devices will typically ensure that it can operate effectively.

Determine the proper height of your system

Placement height is another important factor that will ensure your system will operate at optimal effectiveness after installation. If your system is placed too low or too high, it may not be able to properly distribute air throughout the area you wish to heat or cool.

The optimal height at which you install the mini-split system will depend on its configuration. For example, wall-mounted mini-splits should be installed at least six feet high on a wall. Those whose walls aren’t at least seven feet tall should avoid installing a wall-mounted mini-split. Floor-mount mini-splits, on the other hand, need to be installed only a minimum of six inches off of the ground for effective operation. However, homeowners should always read the installation manual that accompanies their specific mini-split system as clearance requirements may vary.

Consider the location of the condensate pump before installation

Many homeowners make the mistake of installing their mini-split systems before considering where the condensate pump will go. A condensate pump is necessary for most mini-split systems to drain the water that is produced during the heating or cooling process. Determining where this pump will go before installing the indoor unit will help ensure optimal placement in an area that won’t result in disruption from the excess noise that the pump may produce.

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